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It is said, if you follow a rainbow to its very end, you will arrive in a magical place known as O'Kapi. In O'Kapi, majestic horses run and play all day long. Everyone gets along well except for one horse named Oya. Oya is not very kind and keeps to herself. 

She is different than the other horses; rather than celebrate her uniqueness, she hides away and is distant from the others. It is only when three sisters: Nevaeh, Nylah, and Naomi befriend her that she learns something amazing about herself: she isn't a horse at all! 

O'Kai, beautifully illustrated by Sofania Artisan, encourages children to love and appreciate themselves for who they are; to celebrate their uniqueness and those of others.

Currently in Illustration

Projected Release Date: Spring 2019

Two-Thirds is a Whole


Two-Thirds is A Whole 

This wonderfully unique book, illustrated by Sofania Artisan delicately addresses a very serious subject that far too many children are experiencing: Domestic Violence. 

At the beginning of the book, Eric lives with his mom and dad in their large, beautiful house.  As time goes on, their once happy house becomes very dark and sad. It is then that Eric's mom informs him they must move; it is no longer safe for them to remain in the large house. Eric understands the need to move but is still very apprehensive. The only life he has known is in the large, beautiful house. It is only when he and his mom arrive at their smaller, much happier house that he understands, sometimes two-thirds IS a whole. 

To better tell this delicate story, Florenza uses houses as the main characters. They display the emotions contained within the four walls: joy, sorrow, happiness, and sadness, etc.  The people in the story are mice. 

Two-Thirds is a Whole allows open communication and conversation for children who are dealing with Domestic Violence; they quickly identify with Eric and hopefully, by hearing his story, they are able to openly discuss their feelings.

Currently in Illustration

Projected Release Date: Spring 2019

Acornsville, Land of the Secret Seeds Keepers


Acornsville,  Land of the  Secret Seeds Keepers - Based on The Parable of the Talents

Acornsville, Land of the Secret Seeds Keeper is currently being illustrated by Sofania Artisan. It is the first of several books written based on parables found in the Bible. The intent of these books is to teach the application of the stories.

The book is set in a little forest called Acornsville. All the citizens are kind, helpful, generous, and live in peace and harmony; everyone that is, except Roscoe Rabbit. He is neither kind nor considerate. Roscoe doesn't assist his neighbors and everything he gets, he keeps to himself. 

When selected to be part of a mission much larger than himself, Roscoe learns the value of kindness, generosity, and of being mindful of one's neighbors. 

This book is designed to show children that we all are given unique gifts and we are responsible for ensuring they are cared for properly. Roscoe Rabbit learns this lesson better than all the other animals in Acornsville.

Currently in Illustration

Projected Release Date: Spring 2019 

When Life Gives Us Wind Book Two in my "Hi, I am..." Book Series


When Life Gives Us Wind
Hi, I am..." Book Series ®   

This is the 2nd book in the "Hi, I am..."   

Book Series ®. This book series highlights the joys, sorrows, challenges, and amazingly awesome adventures of being a military family. 

When Life Gives Us Wind, beautifully illustrated by LaTay Harris is about a little girl named Xiamara whose mom is in the military. 

Mars, as her mom calls her loves being a military child. She loves moving to new places, learning new languages, and eating new foods. Mars is very adventurous and becomes excited each and every time her mom comes home with orders for a new assignment.

One day her mom says she has received orders to deploy. Believing they are going to move again, Mars gets super excited and does her happy dance.  Her mom then explains that families are not able to go during deployments; Mars is not going away, only her mom is leaving.  Mars is filled with many questions.  Some will be answered, many will not. What Mars does learn is that she is about to begin the most amazing adventure of her life. 

Although written with military families in mind, this book celebrates all families and teaches children the power that comes with being connected to their entire family tree. When Life Gives Us Wind is sure to become one of your child's favorite books.

Currently in Illustration

Projected Release Date: Spring 2019

“Oh My Goodness, Look at this Big Mess!” A Book on Obedience Based on Matthew 21: 28 - 32


“Oh My Goodness, Look at this Big Mess!”
A Book on Obedience
Based on Matthew 21: 28 - 32

This wonderful book, illustrated by Ray Johnson is based on The Parable of the Two Sons, found in Matthew 21: 28-32. It features twin brothers, Will and Willis.  The brothers look, walk, and talk alike. They do everything together except, one always does as he says and the other does not. When asked to complete certain tasks, one brother states he will and the other states he will not; only one is being truthful. 

The book is based on the parable of the two sons as found in Matthew 21 and after twins, Will and Willis half complete a series of chores, their parents decide to reward the one they believe has been obedient. The story has a surprise ending and is sure to be your child's favorite book to hear again and again.

Currently in Illustration
Projected Release Date: Spring 2019