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Florenza The Clarifier! ® Florenza The Clarifier! ® Florenza The Clarifier! ®

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concept book with African American girl in third grade. School age children. Disney. Netflix, ABCs


Adventurous Olivia's Alphabet Quest


Olivia’s  teacher has given her a homework assignment to complete an  alphabet  list; those who do will receive free passes to the zoo. Olivia  has two  words that begin with each letter, but needs your assistance  finding  the third! When you see or hear a word that starts with the  alphabet  she is searching, SHOUT IT OUT! With your help, Olivia will be  able to  enjoy an afternoon with her family at the zoo!

This  is an interactive concept book teaching the alphabet, Language Arts,  Public Speaking. Children are encouraged to look for hidden objects  within each illustration and shout out their responses. They are also  encouraged to create their own words that begin with each letter of the  alphabet each time the book is read. 

Munchies 4 Yo' Mind

This is my official song created by Devan ""Everytime" Walls. 

Child & adult friendly!

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